Meet Julia!

September 13, 2009


26 years old, English teacher, model, super personality, super smart, super funny, super hot, super neat, and a good friend. She’s polish and currently lives in Romania. Sometimes I wonder how does she manage to stay alive with all these “””defects”””. Her ideals are so humble yet so aspiring, that would certainly makeĀ  anyone ponder about life. Her essence is granite solid and her heart is tough as titanium. One of my biggest mysteries is if there is something in this universe that could bring her spirit down. She’ll probably laugh when she’ll read this post and deny everything, but she knows that is true.

Cheers Julia. You are truly one of a kind :).

Anyway, I wanted to post more photos of her, but I didnt find it appropriate because somehow I cant decide on which photo should go first. If she’ll allow me, I’ll post her facebook so you can see more of her there… you strange person.